Some highlights from Coolercam:

Killer Rabbit - 31/08/2004

It shouldn't be allowed! - 03/09/2004

Wish FM feature Coolercam on the Breakfast Show, we feature them on CoolerCam! - 10/09/2004

CoolerMan cleans Coolercam! 16/09/2004


Wipe that cooler!

Sign off the job

Those crazy fools at MottMacdonald have got the right idea!

It's all gone a bit strange...

Death of a Banana Phone...

Coolercam breaks 10,000 hits! Oh, and one of the team gets married...

10000+ HITS!!!

Coolercam does Christmas

Coolercam features on another local radio station

Coolercam Gets Killed Off!!!

Coolercam Returns!!!

Coolercam comes back on line, but the cooler has gone for now... It will be back!

Construction starts on the new offices to house the new cooler...

Coolercam / construction cam gets a visitor...